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The internet is still a fun place to be and your web site should keep customers attention and interest. The latest web technologies have made sites even more compelling. Midi background music seamlessly playing in the background, java applets quickly animating images on the fly, frames keeping the customers at your site even when visiting outside links, java script buttons that highlight and give online text help when clicked on, shockwave games, even virtual reality are all part of our tools.

Design Options

"Frames, midi, java, flash and shockwave are all
cutting edge web technologies we are using now!"

Linking pages by clicking on text and buttons can be handled through simple html. However, with a little creativity and some more intense programming we can design a site that features the latest advancements on the web.

Frames simplify the navigation process and keep your most important information right at your clients finger tips. Clients running frame capable browsers will be automatically routed to this document. Users who's browsers do not support this feature, will still be able to use all the other aspects of the site. You can see a working example of this at:

Applets add eye catching motion to your site. It draws the viewers attention and if used sparingly can add a lot to the overall look. The great thing about applets is they load quickly and run fast. You can see a working example of this at or

Music has come a long way on the Internet. With the addition of midi, background music can load quickly and seamlessly in the background and play while the viewer explores. If chosen carefully and used well, it is a nice feature that is included in todays high end sites. You can see a working example of this at using the shockwave plugin audio can have a great effect; check out

Java Script is a special programming language that brings interaction to a new level. Buttons highlight when they are rolled over and descriptive text can explain their function. You can see a working example of this at Custom scrolling messages can be presented in the browser window. You can see a working example of this at or

Shockwave gives true interactivity to the web. Games, animation, music and clickable buttons are all available. A good example of shockwave in use is at or

Flash is a new vector based technology that loads incredibly fast yet is rich in features and interactivity. You can see a sample of this at

Forms collect information and send it to you so you can add to mailing list, collect customers needs or any number of things.

Database Mangement lets you use your existing database to build a useful and interactive site that helps your customers find exactly what they need quickly. Updates can be done by simply updating your existing database file. You can see a sample of this at

CGI is the heart of useful web sites. You can collect clients information, automate guest books, have online chat pages and much more. You can see a example at: or

Virtual Reality is coming to the web. Using new Quicktime VR you can see and move inside 360 degree environments. You can see a sample of this at


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