Safe and Secure Transactions

The internet is still working out it's own standards; but secure credit card transactions are here to stay. Your clients will feel safe and your company will be protected with our secure credit card system "CyberCash". Using your merchant account ordering information will be submitted via forms. The credit card is verified and the funds are transferred to your business account. An email message is then sent to your shipping department. Fast, simple and convenient for both the client and you. You can see a working example of this at

On-line Shopping

Active Media Group can design a form based catalog. Based on your outline and product photos a logical catalog will direct the client to the products they are interested in. Once the client finds the product they want they can request additional information, place an order or get a printed catalogue. Data will be collected in the forms emailed to your company.

Search Engine Experts

"We get you to the top of the list."

Your new web site won't do you much good if no one can find you. We are experts at posting your site to search engines and can get it to the top of the list. Using metatags and keyword embeded in html documents your site will be searched and catalogued by over 20 top search engines.

But don't believe us; see for yourself. Go to Metacrawler or your favorite search engine and type in "video duplication" (as a phrase) #1 will be Western Media; one of our customers.

Click here for more information on search engines and web marketing.


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