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Mark Wilder
Posted on Mark NIzer's FACEBOOK Wall.

"The Impossible Trick on the first try?! Unbelievable! The show at Cal Poly: at once jaw-dropping and hilarious, inspiring and discouraging - he's that good."
03 /20 /2011 - CA

Bryon Myers |
Mark, We had a wonderful time at your show in Crowley La. I had fun helping as a stage hand and hope to be around if you ever come back.
11 /8 /2010 - Crowley, La.

Eva Atkinson |
We truly enjoyed your show at Brescia University 4/22/10. My daughters, ages 10 & 9, LOVED the Chinese Yo-Yo tricks! I am an adoptive Mom & they were born in China. We have seen several Chinese Acrobat shows in China & US and they rate you the best!
04 /23 /2010 - Owensboro, Kentucky

Liesa Nichols |
Great show! My seven year old wants to write you a letter to say how much she liked the show and to ask you for an autograph.
04 /22 /2010 - McGaheysville, VA

Vera Feldman |
When are you going to be in Memphis, TN? Saw you about 4 -5 years ago and would love to see your show again.
04 /8 /2010 - Memphis

Patrick Glover |
Hi Mark, I just saw you at the Florida Theatre and just loved it! Here's a shout-out to the Jax Jugglers!
03 /6 /2010 - Jacksonville, Florida

Wylli Shenhouse |
Saw you in Holly Springs NC last night. The show was fantastic!! Thanks for a great fun evening out for the family.
11 /22 /2009 - Durham, NC

DM |
Saw your show at PC Middle school, what a great show, had a wonderful time. Thanks
10 /2 /2009 - Port Chester, NY 10573

Glad I was able to catch your show at the arts center in Louisa. Good job Juggleboy!
07 /18 /2009 - Lake Anna, VA

Sherry Kelly |
Your show was fantastic--very creative. You were way to hip for the room!! Hope to see you again.
Kev and Sherry Kelly
05 /10 /2009 - Walnut Creek, CA USA

Kim & Ben Mays |
Your visit to southwest Virginia was nothing less than brilliantly teched due to "your people" and their impeccable sound skills. As you know, your show would be nothing without sound, I mean, who wants to WATCH it. OK, ok, were sort of awesome. And you will always be welcome on our planet. We have money.
04 /18 /2009 - Castlewood, Virginia

hey mark u r so awesome keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!! :]
04 /15 /2009

Mandy Ng |
Lai Ho Ma Mark. Sic jor fan mai a? I hope you still remember what they mean? :) I would like to say a million thanks for the nothing-less-than-brilliant show tonight on the 4th April at North District Town Hall in Sheung Shui, Hong Kong. I truly enjoyed your fantastic performance tonight. I'm very proud to be the FIRST one from Hong Kong to leave a message on this board. Those people should have taken at least a couple of mintues to write in your guestbook to say thanks but I guess I'm the only one(so far).I was sitting in the middle in row 6. I love you Mark. You truly are the greatest juggler in the world and you deserved the award after watching your show tonight.I enjoyed ALL the programmes. My favourites were Robots 3D, underwater juggling,a wheel and you(amazing how you could bite the apple so quickly!!), Laser Diabolo and the ping pong balls trick. It was so hilarious that I had tears coming out of my eyes. The big man on stage tonight was funny. Do you think you'll perform in Australia / New Zealand in the future? Thanks for making my day Mark. I love you. Keep up the BRILLIANT WORK!!!!! *biggggg hug*
04 /4 /2009 - Hong Kong, China

Debbie Hobday |

Love the Website. You are awesome
03 /30 /2009 - Diamond Bar, CA

Brian Davis
Hey, Mark. I saw your show in Richlands, VA on Thursday, Oct. 9th. Actually, I just wanted to say thank you again for your phenomenal performance. It really stuck with me. I've made my living for the past 20 years as a singer and pianist (I chose that profession because of the excellent freelance musician 401K plan), and it is so inspiring to see someone develop their innate gifts and abilities to the level that you have and make a living out of it (I hope). Thank you again. --
11 /22 /2008 - VA

Danielle moore |
you were awsome.
10 /23 /2008 - hopewell

colin |
your show was so cool. im so glad you came to Crane and hopefully you can play at one of our events or come to Crane Country Day School again.
10 /16 /2008 - santa barbara

Lisa B.
What a fantastic show!!! Thank you to the Bishop Center for bringing Mr. Nizer here to our community. My kids are still talking about it!!! It was a great show for both youth and adults!!
Thanks again I am looking forward to more events.
09 /29 /2008 - Aberdeen, WA

Cheryl |
Hey you. love the new website. Jazzy, fun, energetic, easy to bop around. So sorry I missed you up at UNH. watching ths schedule for next time you'll be up here, and point anyone I know who lives where you'll be performing. It's still the best show EVAH!

Mostly just want to say hiya!

you be hugged,
09 /17 /2008 - a little town in SouthEastern CT

Justin Taylor |
I loved your show in Lakeside. You gotta teach me how to do that toilet paper thing. Hope you come back next year. Visit 663 Cherry for lunch.
06 /27 /2008 - Powell, Ohio

willow |
hey Mark,
Congrats on the show in Zimbabwe! It must have been awesome!! The new site looks great. I especially like the t-shirt with the picture of you with the goggles. hmmm, Mother's Day is coming up.
Miakoda will be going to Emerson College in the fall - a new contact! Leave room for Boston in your schedule.
see ya around:)
05 /9 /2008 - charlottesville, va

Jodie Randisi |
Mark - Great new look! I love the energy that jumps out at us. I'm still working on the Dancin' Dewbabies novel and script - you remember that from years ago? A script and a novel consultant looked at the piece and agreed separately. ".has great potential," Yes, I know they were paid by me BUT I am now rewriting to incorporate their notes because they LOVED the concept, the characters, etc. I hope you're still available for the part! You inspire so many of us - keep up the good work!
05 /6 /2008 - Hilton Head, South Carolina

Averill Strasser |
I'm glad I'm still on your mailing list. It was nice to get your newsletter and see your website. Give me a shout when you're coming to town.
05 /5 /2008 - Crestline, CA

Jimi |
Hi Mark. This is Jimi, your cousin Tom's friend. We did a little juggling together a few years back.

I like the site! If you're ever in southern Florida hit me up.
05 /5 /2008

Carlo Pellegrini |
Mark, Great job on the new website!
Keep the Newsletter coming.
When are you come out East to Nyack?
We have a terrific performing arts center here now: Riverspace Arts in Nyack. Maybe we could get you out here to do a fundraiser for our little circus and entertain the throngs in Rockland County? I know the General Mgr. Just say the word. All the best,
05 /5 /2008

Cecil Greene |
Mark, my family and I enjoyed your performance in Martinsville last night. We are amazed at your talent and look forward to seeing you again in the near future.
02 /24 /2008 - Raleigh, NC

Jeff Danglo aka Jeff Danger |
When I was street juggling in 1984 or so Mark came to Key West. He was good, very good, and he made me look bad.darn you Mark Nizer! When are you coming to the Boston area? Great performer.
11 /23 /2007 - Boston,MA

Marie Glady |
Hi Mark, Saw your fabulous show last week. I was amazed and delighted. It was a really awesome way to spend an hour.
We lived in Charlottesville for 32 yrs. Have you lived in Free Union for a long time? Did you attend Albemarle County schools?
Hope to hear from you soon.
11 /13 /2007 - Richmond VA

Daniel Ginsberg |
I just saw you perform in Seattle. You were by far the best performer. You may have even inspired me to go beyond the 3 balls I've learned to juggle.
10 /19 /2007 - Washington

Shellie |
Mark, You are AMAZING! I had a great time at your show this week and look forward to seeing you in the Portland area. Your kindness and friendship is much appreciated! Take good care Mark, hope to see you again soon
10 /18 /2007 - Smalltown Oregon

Bethany |
Hey, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show today! I went to your show at the Durango Collage and I greatly enjoyed it! I especially liked the part with the lights in the chineese yo-yos
And the music and backgrouds where awesome!

10 /7 /2007 - Durango,

Jon Leffingwell |
It's been a while since we last talked. Just wanted to say Hi. All the best to your entire family.
07 /30 /2007 - Great northwest

June 12, 2007
We saw your show at Harper College, Illinois today. Awesome! Great mix of Juggling & Comedy. Had seen you in PA back in mid-1990s and it gets better. I wish they publicised these better. We almost missed it.
06 /12 /2007 - Chicago

Dale & Carlene |
Terrific show tonight Mark, great energy -- thanks for coming to Bartlett. Best to you and your family, and regards to Michael J.!
04 /21 /2007 - Bartlett, TN

Dan Holzman |
I Haven't talked to you in a while, and wanted to say "HI" I hope all is well with You and your family, and that our paths will cross soon.
03 /24 /2007 - Pinole, Ca.

Dave R.
Mark you're amazing!!!! I just saw you at Victoria Theatre. Nice Job!
03 /11 /2007 - Miamisburg Ohio

Mike Hout |
I saw you at the Victoria Theater in Dayton, Ohio. It was so exciting because I had a front row seat. That guy before you could really play the organ but you blew him away. I also like the way you highlighted heavyweight jugglers in the juggling information you gave out after the show. I'm still juggling bowling balls and running hurdles. Glad you haven't stole my act!
03 /10 /2007 - Dayton, Ohio

Tracey Phillips |
Hey Mark, we just saw your act at the Brock Performing Arts Center in Mocksville, NC. It was a GREAT act!! My son said he wished we had gotten a DVD. So I'll probably be ordering one from online for Christmas. Keep on keeping on and I hope we have you back here soon!! If we do, I'll publish a letter in the paper (if I have time. our paper only comes out once per week and when I knew you were coming this time it was in the paper and then you came a few days later) to tell everyone what a wonderful act you have and maybe we can fill the audience!! Great act!! Keep it up!! God Bless!!
10 /22 /2006 - Mocksville, NC

Clay |
Hey man, just watched your show at Harding University. It was AMAZING.I thought I was going to die from laughing so hard. Thanks for doing what you do!
09 /29 /2006 - Searcy,AR

Coleen |
Just saw Mark, hilarious and amazing. My kids want a DVD or video of you. You mentioned one in your act. Got any?
09 /2 /2006 - Queens, NY

I just saw you last week at the Chickasha School of Arts in Oklahoma. This was my 1st time to experience your show and it was awesome! I know you had some difficulty with the lighting & sound (which was out of your control) but I was amazed at how you persevered and made it part of your act! nothing seems to stop you and I love your tenacity! Keep entertaining, that is what God put you here for! Also, your family is too adorable! Hope to see you next year in Oklahoma!
08 /28 /2006 - Moore, Oklahoma

Clay |
I just saw you at the Barter Theatre in VA and I just have to say that you are probably the best juggler and comedian I have ever seen. It is one thing to have a talent, but to take it and to turn it into a truly spectacular performance is another. You are definitely the best entertainer I have ever seen, bar none.
07 /31 /2006 - Abingdon, VA

Sherrie |
Saw you in Lake Charles, LA. You were the highlight of the convention (besides winning a big, fat trophy). Smartest humor I've heard. I know it's good when I have to explain it to people. I appreciate that you are using your gifts to astound and amaze. The kids admired your perserverance to perfect the spinning balls trick. Thank you for a terrific show.
03 /30 /2006 - Monroe, Louisiana

Janet & John |
Dear Mark, We just saw you on our cruise. You were awesome, enjoyed the postal joke as we were all postal workers!!! No, really, your show was great. Thanks.
02 /13 /2006

freddy |
Hi Mark,

Iím a collector of autographs. I have more than 1.750 authentic autographs of politicians, sportsmen, artists and authors from around the world.

Therefore, I would ask you if you would be so kind to send me an autograph of you.
I will be very delighted to got your autograph in my personal collection.

Anyway, thank you very much, and may God bless you and your family.

With warm greetings from Belgium,

Freddy Haeck
Lusthoflaan 107
9030 Mariakerke
02 /8 /2006 - belgium

Our Family
Caught your show in Wausau, WI. Never seen anything like it. Wonderful!!
01 /6 /2006 - USA

Angela Rogerson |
Thank you for coming to Monroe. We appreciate when great talent like you comes to our little town. You were totally awesome. My 7 and 9 yr old girls loved the show. Best of luck to you in the future, you are quite a talent.
01 /6 /2006 - Monroe, WI

Angela |
Mark came to Artswell in Georgia and put on a show and a juggling workshop. Everyone had so much fun and l have never laughed so hard! Keep up the good work Mark! Come back next year!! You're so hot!
01 /6 /2006 - USA

Andrea & Anthony
Mark, Saw u on New Year's eve in Raleigh and laughed my you know what off!! Man you are funny. And loved it when you juggled the cigar boxes on the floor. I think i peed on that one. U must come to Fayetteville to humor the soldiers. They would love you to pieces.
01 /3 /2006 - Fayetteville, NC

Helene Haas
Just got back from the show at the University of South Alabama! This was FASCINATING!! I loved the Laser Diablo!
01 /1 /2006 - Mobile, AL USA

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