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READ THIS: You must enter the TOTAL AMOUNT you are paying in as the QUANTITY in the following Paypal screen.
SO IF YOU OWE $100, you would enter 100 for the QUANTITY on the following screen!
Watch the video below to see an example.

Website or Job Name:
Invoice Number (optional):
If you have more than one invoice enter each number followed by a comma. 1234, 1235, 1236

NOTE: Charges will appear as "ACTIVE MEDIA GROUP".

About Security

All online transactions at Active Media Group are handled with industry-standard SSL encryption.

When you enter your credit card number into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form, then decoded when it gets to us. For added security, we also encrypt the credit card number when it is stored on disk, and when we forward it to the bank.

If you are not the kind of person who worries about being hit by lightning as you're crossing the street, you probably don't have to worry that your credit card number will be intercepted on the way to a Secure Web Site.

According to CNN, "The prevalent that on-line credit card use is actually no riskier for consumers than traditional "low-tech" transactions."

We order products online all the time. When we use a credit card to buy something online, we feel at least as safe as we would using one in a store or restaurant.

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